Louffee is a state of mind. It’s a love concept, a message of sharing. Sharing the things we would like for ourselves or even better.


Louffee is inspired by the family of the founder himself. A family in which you were raised with principals and values, and were always taught to be good for others. To only share the best things, the things you admire and want for yourself and not less. Since we only wish the best for ourselves, and share the things you want for yourself, you always share the best. Thus Louffee stands for sharing the best. Louffee meets the need of quality products by providing us with the best products, so we can share them with the ones we value and admire. In the end we are all family. And families share!


Louffee is a young flourishing organisation with a message. The message of sharing the best!

Building and sustaining many solid, strong relationships is central to our job to develop and produce the best. We passionately work with any partner that values the principal of sharing the best. We have partners who are willing to participate in order to co-create what we understand as the best to eventually share the best with the world, and consecutively let people share the best with each other.

Louffee’s ambitions extend beyond the borders. We have agents working from Colombia, the UK, and Dubai. In this way we work on creating a large network of parties that are interested in our vision. We get introduced to products which are limited to certain cultures, thus unknown to us, which we consecutively introduce to the world under the brand name Louffee.


Louffee facts

  • A love concept
  • A social project
  • An ethical lifestyle
  • An enrichment
  • A quality concept

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Coffee consumed

Flagship store

Enjoy one of the various delicious coffee specialties at the Louffee Coffee flagship store. A flagship store in the shape of an espresso bar, which is accessible for anyone who would like to enjoy a coffee of high standard. The espresso bar is tailor made with natural materials, which create a refreshing change of atmosphere, and give you a relaxing and unique experience. The Louffee experience, as Louffee is a lifestyle of quality and ethics.

Franchise the Louffee Coffee concept

Our mission is to expand our Louffee Coffee espresso bars to at least 5 Louffee Coffee places in the Netherlands, opening one a year, where people can enjoy and share Louffee Coffee. We strive to achieve this before 2020. In order to achieve this we look for franchise candidates who have a heart for people and are willing to share the best.

Do you understand the importance of Louffee’s message of sharing the best? Would you value and feel honored to be one of the first family members of Louffee? We bid you a hearty welcome to contact us.